Eva Masaki is a line of small production eyewear handmade in the Valdobbiadene region of Northern Italy. Each frame is made from cellulose acetate hand-cut by Mazzucchelli and anti-reflective Zeiss lenses. Eva Masaki frames are made in a limited, rotational production of styles and colors that live and change with each season. Approachable but elegant. Classic but updated. Cultured, wearable, evocative, and colorful.


About the Designer

It was Eva Masaki Soroken’s middle name that first drew her to Japan. The name MASAKI (正木) is passed down from her Japanese mother, Chiyo Masaki, and grandmother, Natsue Masaki. In 2003, determined to learn more about her heritage and to speak Japanese with her grandmother Natsue, Eva moved to Japan. It was there, in Tokyo, where she became immersed in the world of Japanese design. Working with eyewear brands like Yamamoto Kogaku, Cutler and Gross, Marni, Garret Leight, and illesteva led Eva to a peripatetic life between Japan, Europe, and the US. But after a decade working in the industry, Eva set out to refine handmade, small production eyewear with her eponymous line EVA MASAKI.

Now based in New York City with a family of her own, Eva passes along the name MASAKI to her young daughter Taea (Taea Masaki), in the tradition of mother and grandmother before her.

MASAKI  Hanko, an official stamp of one’s family name

Our Shop

In addition to her line of eyewear, Soroken founded Masaki Ave in 2003, a commerce consulting agency based in New York City. Masaki Ave works with emerging and established brands to navigate global marketplaces, with an emphasis on US and Japanese relations. Through Soroken’s work as Masaki Ave, a collaborative community of designers and brands across markets was created.